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Des camions & remorques magasins qui vous ressemblent grâce à notre équipe d’experts

EUROMAG’s strength lies in human beings without whom nothing is possible, because we might well proceed faster alone but we go further together…

Passionate, thorough and professional staff.



This is the starting point for any transformed vehicle, truck or trailer. The chassis is prepared, resized, lengthened to receive the retail unit in the case of trucks or manufactured for trailers.

Some parts are dismantled to make sure they are protected during the operations and thus facilitate the process throughout the production chain. Electric cables are rooted and the lights connected…


This is an important step for our retail trucks and trailers, as this is where the sandwich panels, which we make ourselves, are mounted.

The panels are fixed into position and assembled while provisions are made for the canopy. This is also where the stainless steel, polyester or hot moulded parts and fittings are put in place depending on the type of vehicle. Access hatches are put in position as well as the locks. Stainless steel shelving and awnings are also added at this stage.


It is now time for the interior to take shape. We manufacture the storage cabinets, doors, bulkheads and accessories such as cash drawers and work surfaces… We also manufacture the sandwich panels.

We assemble and insulate the cabinets refrigerated by cooling coils and prepare surfaces for polyester and polyurethane coating.


And there was colour! This is where our qualified painters come in! Vehicles are completely or partially painted depending on client requirements or the needs of the various accessories.iés !


This is the final step for all vehicles and where the word “polyvalence” takes on all its meaning. Windows are assembled as well as extensions (articulated or removable), accessories are put in place, water and gas systems installed, covers and advertising put in position… The vehicle is now ready for delivery.


This recent department comprises multi-skilled staff dedicated to the complete assembly of GEOS trailers (bodywork, electricity, display and accessories), as well as the fitting out of snack, delivery rounds or open-air market vehicles.


This department is responsible for the preparation, installation and testing of all the cooling systems for retail trailers for trucks.


A team of approximately 10 customer assistance and repair professionals is employed in this department with extensive expertise of all the products and their specific features. This department handles vehicle servicing and maintenance, upgrades, revamping, cosmetic work or major damage repairs. We even have an itinerant workshop truck for customers located further afield.


Our six itinerant sales managers will provide you with advice and are at the very heart of each project. Thanks to the discussions they have with you, we are then able to meet all your expectations. The team located at Panissières can also provide you with assistance and take you around the showroom.



Over the past few years, we have invested in our competencies and in computer hardware/software to ascertain a cutting-edge response to your needs.

The technical department boasts a full range of competencies: engineers, studies and planning technicians, CAM technician, certification technician, R&D team, cooling technicians. Our motto is to make sure we have the expertise, meet our customers’ requirements, and pioneer vehicles of the future.


This department comprises accounting experts, the human resources team, quality managers as well as the marketing team, i.e. all the expertise required for a company to thrive successfully.


In accordance with the laws aiming to ascertain the freedom to choose one’s career and eliminate the pay gap between men and women, SAS JAUBERT GAYET would like to bring to your attention that this index could not be calculated because the maximum number of points of calculable indicators is below 75.