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I regularly use the Euromag shop trailer rental service. I am a interior designer and project manager specialised in bakeries and culinary points of sale and the possibility of renting such a trailer is really great for our clients. This enables them to keep their business going while works are in progress and means we have more flexibility in terms of planning.

Our clients tell us that as a result, they actually only see a very small reduction in their turnover during the operation! Indeed, the novelty factor that comes with being able to do one’s shopping from a temporary point of sale which nevertheless has all the amenities proves appealing for their customers who are far from being put-off by the ongoing works. There is even a “curiosity factor” which is highly appealing and beneficial.

I have really pleasant and professional relations with Laurent who is my key contact at Euromag and there are almost never any availability issues with these trailers that are always recent and in immaculate condition.